Noise Guidelines + Mitigation

Alberta Transportation’s noise guidelines outline the conditions for noise attenuation in cities and urban areas. The provincial guidelines for noise attenuation are different than those used by The City of Calgary; however, they are consistent with the policies used within the City of Edmonton and other urban areas.

Noise attenuation will be considered if noise levels exceed a 24-hour weighted average of 65 decibels. These noise levels are determined by noise studies that consider roadway design, topography and anticipated traffic volumes to model, or predict, future levels. The future noise levels are used to determine if noise attenuation is warranted based on the provincial noise guidelines.

Decibel scale

North project

A specialized acoustical engineering consultant completed noise studies for the North project at the functional design stage and again at the detailed design stage. Typically noise studies are completed after the road design has been finalized, but the proximity of the ring road to homes on the edge of Valley Ridge prompted the noise studies to be initiated earlier. Both studies determined that noise attenuation was warranted for the north facing homes on Valley Meadow Close N.W. that back onto the TUC.

A final noise assessment will be conducted after the West Calgary Ring Road is open and traffic patterns have normalized. If noise levels are greater than anticipated additional noise attenuation may be provided in accordance with the provincial noise guidelines.

South project

A noise study for the South project will be completed once the road design has been finalized and again after the project is complete and traffic patterns have normalized. Noise attenuation will be provided if either of these studies indicate it is warranted or enhanced if noise levels are greater than anticipated.

Further information will be shared with the public when available.

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