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The northwest segment of Stoney Trail is currently under construction as part of the Calgary Ring Road. The project includes:

  • A new bridge over the Bow River, constructed west of the existing bridge, to accommodate additional lanes on the ring road when the west section is complete
  • Constructing the new southbound lanes on either side of the new Bow River bridge
  • Road widening on southbound Stoney Trail from north of Crowchild Trail to south of Scenic Acres Link N.W. to provide new ramp lanes (collector-distributor) and three continuous lanes on Stoney Trail
  • Reconfiguring the ramp from westbound Crowchild Trail to southbound Stoney Trail to align with the wider road
  • A new bridge over Scenic Acres Link N.W. for the exit ramp from southbound Stoney Trail to Tuscany Boulevard / Scenic Acres Link N.W.
Bow River Bridge rendering - looking west
Bow River Bridge key map

Bow River Bridge FAQs

The final design for the Bow River Bridge project includes widening portions of southbound Stoney Trail to provide three continuous lanes and adding a collector-distributor road between Crowchild Trail N.W. and Scenic Acres Link N.W. 

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The collector-distributor road separates weaving traffic (caused by cars merging and exiting) from Stoney Trail, resulting in improved safety and traffic flow. When construction is complete and traffic is shifted to the new configuration, the existing bridge will carry three southbound Stoney Trail lanes plus one merge lane from the collector-distributor road. The new ramp bridge will carry traffic exiting to Tuscany Boulevard / Scenic Acres Link N.W. 

The new bridge will accommodate traffic exiting to Tuscany Blvd / Scenic Acres Link N.W.

Work has been focused on other areas of the project with significant progress being made elsewhere. The contractor has full control of the project schedule and will continue to make decisions to successfully deliver the project to completion. Work on this bridge is expected to continue in the 2021 construction season. 

Full completion of the West Calgary Ring Road is expected in 2024. Until construction is completed, each project is under the care and control of the contractor completing the work.  

Alberta Transportation understands Albertans are eager to use the West Calgary Ring Road. The open-to-traffic dates will be based on the safety of those working on site and the driving public. The road will be opened to traffic once the project has been successfully completed, which includes ensuring all safety considerations have been appropriately addressed. 

Information about detours, traffic pattern changes and other construction impacts is shared with the public as it becomes available. Sign up for the weekly newsletter to stay informed. 

The City of Calgary plans, designs and maintains the pathway network. A pathway connection between Greenwich and Bowness Park is outside the scope of this project and will not be completed as part of construction. Please contact the Upper Greenwich project for information about pathway connections planned for the development.

Master Plan Elements from

This area remains an active construction zone with the possibility of unseen safety hazards such as temporary lane markings, temporary lighting, reduced signage and construction vehicles and equipment. The reduced speed is intended to protect drivers and those working onsite. It will remain in place until construction is complete. 

We recognize construction is difficult, especially for those living immediately adjacent. However, the Government of Alberta established Restricted Development Areas around Calgary and Edmonton and designated the lands for use as Transportation Utility Corridors (TUC) in the 1970s.  

The southbound Stoney Trail carriageway is currently being constructed west of the existing road on the land available within the TUC. East of the TUC is Bowness Park and the planned community of Upper Greenwich which is a development within The City of Calgary. 

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The project plans

Stoney Trail Bow River Bridge Twinning
Stoney Trail widening plans


The pathway on the south side of the Bow River (labelled in red on the plan) has been realigned (labelled in green) to accommodate the new Bow River Bridge. The new pathway alignment was selected to minimize impacts to the surrounding environment and has been approved by The City of Calgary.

For any pathway changes or closures appropriate signage will be posted in advance. Please check The City of Calgary’s Pathway Closures map for current information.

Please note that The City of Calgary plans, designs and maintains the pathway network and Alberta Transportation provides connectivity through the Transportation Utility Corridor. Once the project is complete, the pathways under the bridges will be maintained by The City of Calgary.

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