Project Update

June 15, 2023

What’s Happening in Traffic

Traffic pattern changes on Highway 8

In the coming weeks, there will be a series of minor traffic pattern changes on Highway 8 near 69 Street S.W., to shift traffic onto the new eastbound lanes.

Please expect minor delays, drive cautiously and obey on-site signage.

All work is weather dependent. Please check 511 Alberta and The City of Calgary’s traffic information map for up-to-date information on traffic detours and speed reductions. For all other project information, please visit

We appreciate your patience during construction.

Spiffing Up for Summer

Pavement markings play a critical role in roadway safety and driver comfort. In high-traffic areas and colder climates the paint can wear off quickly, so typically the pavement markings across the project site are refreshed every spring. This spring, some new markings were painted on new roadways as well.

Looking west at the Trans-Canada Highway near Old Banff Coach Road
Looking north at lane and shoulder lines on northbound Stoney Trail
Looking south at lane and shoulder lines on northbound Stoney Trail

Fresh Blacktop

Paving is progressing across the South project site.

Paving on Stoney Trail near Old Banff Coach Road
Paving the eastbound lanes on 17 Avenue S.W. between Slopeview Drive and Cortina Drive S.W.
Looking east at paving on 17 Avenue S.W. near Slopeview Drive S.W.
Paving mainline Stoney Trail, just south of 17 Avenue S.W. near Aspen Woods

Bow Trail S.W. Interchange

Work on the Bow Trail S.W. bridge is advancing.

The bridge deck is paved and the concrete sidewalk on the north side has been poured.

Looking east at paving on the bridge deck
Rebar to strengthen the concrete sidewalk is placed on plastic spacers to suspend it in the concrete when it is poured
Concrete can be corrosive while undergoing the chemical reaction that takes place during curing, so rubber gloves, boots and other protective gear are used when handling
The white sheets placed on top of the concrete are called wet curing blankets, which are permeable to allow water in but also prevent it from evaporating – maintaining consistent moisture content is critical while concrete cures and hardens

Underneath the bridge, formwork and reinforcing steel bars (rebar) are in place for the concrete slope protection.

The abutment slopes underneath the bridge are protected from erosion with concrete slope protection

Lower Junction Pond

The stormwater pond located between Highway 8 and Discovery Ridge – known as Lower Junction Pond – will manage and treat drainage from the Highway 8 / Stoney Trail interchange and provide added protection to the area during severe weather events. The pond will store runoff and stormwater and release it at a controlled and measured rate to Cullen Creek, via an outlet ditch fortified with rip rap (large rock).

Looking east at Lower Junction Pond; excavation for a person-hole and pipe for future maintenance is visible on the right
Looking east at the outlet control structure – which controls the amount of water leaving the pond – on the left and the outlet to the drainage ditch on the right
Looking west at erosion and sediment control between the existing drainage ditch and Lower Junction Pond construction