Project Update – February 7, 2022

Bow River Bridge title banner

Box Girder and South Abutment Construction

Construction on the south abutment and box girder segment atop the southernmost pier is steadily progressing.

North Project title banner

Facing the Secant Pile Retaining Wall

The retaining wall between Canada Olympic Drive S.W. and the ramp from eastbound Trans-Canada Highway to Bowfort Road N.W. is called a secant pile wall.

South project title banner

Bow Trail S.W. Bridge Super Structure

The prefix ‘super’ means over or above, compared to ‘sub’ which means under or below. In the context of a bridge, the super-structure supports the deck and connects sub-structure elements. The sub-structure absorbs the load from the super-structure above and distributes it to the foundation below.

Another way of thinking about bridge super- and sub-structures is that the super-structure is horizontal and the sub-structures are vertical.

On the west span where all 15 girders are in place, cross-frame steel braces and wooden falsework is being installed. Falsework refers to temporary constructions used to support a permanent structure until the permanent structure is self-supporting. 

The bracing and falsework are installed between the girders to prevent shifting.

17 Avenue S.W. Bridge Deck

At 17 Avenue S.W., bracing and falsework installations are complete and rebar and formwork installations are ongoing. Formwork refers to the temporary molds used to keep the shape of the concrete until it hardens.