Semi-permanent Stockpile West of The Slopes

This week crews will begin placing material immediately west of The Slopes, within the Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC). This semi-permanent stockpile will store material during and after construction. During construction the height of the stockpile could reach six metres at times. After construction the stockpile is expected to be approximately one and a half metres tall.

During topsoil removal and stockpiling, adjacent residents will see construction equipment working close to homes by the edge of the TUC. While at times disruptive, this work is relatively short in duration and confined to the TUC.

The public is reminded to stay out of the construction area. This is an active work site with many hazards. It is not safe to enter.

Over the course of the project, numerous semi-permanent stockpiles will be created within the Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC). There is no limit on the size of stockpiles, provided they meet stability requirements. These stockpiles are considered semi-permanent and can be removed at any time or remain in place for an extended period.

To limit dust and reduce erosion, stockpiles that will remain in place for extended periods will be tackified with a mixture of seed and mulch appropriate for the area.