Project Update – August 16, 2021

What’s Happening in Traffic This Week

101 Street S.W. Reduced to One Lane    

Beginning today and lasting until August 31, a portion of 101 Street S.W. south of Heritage Woods Drive S.W. will operate as a single lane of alternating traffic with temporary traffic signals for utility work in the area.

Traffic Stoppages at 101 Street and Lower Springbank Road S.W.

Between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. on Wednesday, August 18, there will be intermittent traffic stoppages at the 101 Street / Lower Springbank Road S.W. intersection to accommodate utility work. Each stoppage is expected to last for five minutes or less. Please watch for flag people directing traffic.

Scenic Acres Link N.W. Lane Closures

The lane closures continue this week on Scenic Acres Link N.W. Eastbound Scenic Acres Link N.W. will be closed each night from 6:30 p.m. – 6:30 a.m. until Monday, August 23. 

Please use Nose Hill Drive N.W. via Crowchild Trail or Stoney Trail.

August 23: Southbound Stoney Trail Reduced to One Lane Overnight

From 7 p.m. on Monday, August 23, to 6:30 a.m. on Tuesday, August 24, the right lane will be closed on southbound Stoney Trail over the Bow River. A crane will load materials from the north construction site onto a truck parked on the bridge, which will drive the materials to the south construction site where they will be unloaded by crane.

Girder Deliveries at Old Banff Coach Road S.W.

Short traffic stoppages (lasting about five minutes) will be required on Old Banff Coach Road S.W. in the evenings as the girders continue to arrive at the interchange site. The last girders are expected to be delivered at the end of August. Please watch for flag people directing traffic.

POSTPONED: Crestmont Boulevard S.W. Single Lane Alternating Traffic

The upcoming lane closure on Crestmont Boulevard S.W. anticipated to begin last Friday has been postponed.

All work is weather dependent. Please check 511 Alberta and The City of Calgary’s traffic information map  for up-to-date information on traffic detours and speed reductions. For all other project information, please visit

We appreciate your patience during construction.

Bow River Bridge title banner

North Pier Segments – Meeting in the Middle

The cantilevered pier segments for the two piers on the north side of the Bow River are one cast-in-place segment away from meeting each other.

South Bridge Piers

North Project title banner

June Progress Snapshot

In June 2020, Calgary experienced a hailstorm that created $1 billion in damages. This June the weather was perfect for construction – it only rained on nine days for a total of 30 millimetres of precipitation, and the average daytime temperature was 26 degrees Celsius. The hottest day was June 28 at 36 degrees Celsius.

On the North project in June 2021, two bridge decks were poured (the eleventh and twelfth out of 20 total) and the ramp from southbound Stoney Trail to eastbound Trans-Canada Highway was paved.

Stormwater Pond West of Valley Ridge

Construction on the stormwater management pond west of Valley Ridge began last year and is now almost complete. The wet pond will capture and temporarily store surface water runoff from the additional lanes on the upgraded Trans-Canada Highway. Wet ponds slow water down long enough for some of the sediments and pollutants to settle out, helping return cleaner water to our rivers and streams. 

The runoff from the Trans-Canada Highway is captured in catch basins that connect to the inlet pipe for the pond. The inlet pipe discharges the stormwater into the forebay where the heaviest sediments settle at the bottom, which improves water quality and preserves capacity in the main pond.

Utility Work on Canada Olympic Drive S.W.

Canada Olympic Drive S.W. has been closed since June for underground utility work, including a waterline relocation. The utility work is complete and work to rebuild the road is underway.

Trans-Canada Highway

Roadwork on the Trans-Canada Highway is progressing quickly. Here’s a look at the current status in three different areas of the site.

Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W. Interchange

Central Trans-Canada Highway

West Trans-Canada Highway

South project title banner

Girders for Old Banff Coach Road S.W. Interchange

Last week girders started arriving for the Old Banff Coach Road S.W. interchange – a major milestone for the project. In all, 26 girders will be installed (13 for each span). The largest girders are 2.8 metres tall, 60 metres long and weigh almost 109,000 kilograms (or 240,000 pounds)!

Bow Trail S.W.

Ravine West of 85 Street S.W.

This area is a construction zone and is not safe for the public. Please respect the work site and keep out for everyone’s safety.

Bridge Construction

17 Avenue S.W.

On-Site Inspections

Site inspections will be happening in a few areas near the edge of the Transportation Utility Corridor this week in preparation for utility work and stockpiling.