Wetland Removal Near Highway 8

In the coming weeks, two existing wetlands near Highway 8 will be removed to facilitate ring road construction. The wetlands are in the immediate vicinity of the highway and cannot be avoided. Highway infrastructure requires strong soil foundations and cannot be constructed on top of the marshy earth of wetlands. The wetland areas will be excavated and filled with soils and gravels suitable for supporting the highway infrastructure.

The Alberta Wetland Policy is in place to conserve, restore, protect and manage Alberta’s wetlands to sustain their environmental, social and economic benefits. Activities that may impact a wetland are expected to follow the mitigation hierarchy by first avoiding, and then minimizing and reclaiming impacts to wetlands. As a last resort, where avoidance and minimization efforts are not feasible, a replacement fee may be paid for the permanent loss of the wetland area and relative wetland value. 

The Contractor received Water Act approval to pay a compensation fee to remove these wetlands. This compensation fee has been paid by the Contractor.

One of the wetlands is an amphibian habitat. The amphibians are being relocated to the new storm pond just west of Valley Ridge.

Thank you for your patience during construction.