Project Update – February 15, 2021

Virtual Information Session

The Virtual Information Session comment forms are now closed, but the updated plans can still be viewed at / Virtual Information Session. Thank you to everyone who submitted a comment or question.

We received 114 total submissions – 6 for the Bow River Bridge project, 69 for the North project and 39 for the South project. Submissions will be summarized and organized into Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), answered by the project team and shared with the public in March.

North Project title banner

Trans-Canada Highway / Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W. Interchange

Stoney Trail / Trans-Canada Highway Interchange 

South project title banner

Still Digging… 

Pit run (gravel) excavation continues north of Old Banff Coach Road S.W. (except on days when the equipment won’t start because it’s too cold).

Digging Deeper banner title

Elastomeric Bearing Pads

An elastomer is any material, such as natural or synthetic rubber, that can return to its original shape when a deforming force is removed. Elastomer is commonly used to make bridge bearing pads because of its flexibility to rotate and absorb force without losing strength.