24 Hour Work on Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W. Interchange

Starting Wednesday, September 30, crews will be working 24 hours a day, seven days a week to complete the earthwork required for the detour configuration shown below.

Once the detour is in place, the basketweave bridge and dedicated ramps will reduce congestion getting in and out of Valley Ridge and Crestmont. This will also allow the new Trans-Canada bridge construction to continue through the winter. Earthwork and paving cannot be completed in winter conditions, so finishing this work before the colder weather arrives is critical.

We anticipate this overnight work to continue for approximately two weeks, until mid-October. Working continuously for a short duration will help alleviate the traffic delays caused by limiting the work to daytime hours.

The work will require excavators, trucks dumping fill, bulldozers and packers for grading, pavers and rollers to lay the asphalt, and back-up beepers to ensure the safety of our crew members. To reduce the disruption, the haul trucks will be loaded with the required fill material elsewhere and brought to site via the highway. Lights for the work area will be pointed away from nearby homes as much as possible.

The decision to proceed with night work has been carefully considered. The contractor and Alberta Transportation recognize the impacts to residents and determined completing the work as quickly as possible was of the most benefit. We sincerely thank you for your patience.