Project Update – August 24, 2020

The Waning Days of Summer

While it might feel like we’ve just settled into summer, the truth is that the days are already getting shorter and autumn is looming. As we try to maximize the remaining daylight and warm weather, you may notice more evening and night work, as well as increased traffic impacts.

For up-to-date information on traffic detours and speed reductions, please visit 511 Alberta. You can also access The City of Calgary’s traffic information map here, and there is a live traffic camera feed for 16 Avenue W and Stoney Trail NW (marked here). 

We appreciate your patience during construction.

Bow River Bridge title banner

South Bridge Abutment

Bridge Pier Construction

Southbound Stoney Trail and Collector-Distributor Road Paving

North Project title banner

Snapshot of Work Completed in July

As is often the case with summer construction, this July our crews had to work around severe thunderstorms, tornado warnings, heat waves, heat warnings, and all the mud and dust that those bring.

Luckily, only three days were declared official ‘weather days’, which means that adverse weather prevented our contractors from completing their scheduled work that day.

This is down from seven weather delay days in June, and six in May.

Trans-Canada Highway Improvements

About five kilometres of the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) will be reconstructed as part of this project. Utility relocations, topsoil stripping and grading south of the existing road have been ongoing for several months in preparation for a detour road. 

This fall, traffic will be shifted to the new detour road and highway improvements will begin. The existing two lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained during construction.

The steep grades on this section of road reduce visibility and make winter travel difficult during icy conditions, particularly for the large trucks transporting goods. The improvements include adjusting the elevation to reduce the steep grades and widening to four lanes in each direction.

Temporary Bridge Over Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W.

Tonight marks the last of a four-night undertaking to assemble 35 pre-cast concrete deck panels and five prefabricated girders into a temporary bridge over Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W.

The new permanent bridge and the temporary bridge will form a detour for Trans-Canada Highway traffic while the two remaining bridges for the Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W. interchange are constructed. 

The temporary bridge will be in place for approximately two years and has been designed and reviewed in accordance with the same rigorous requirements that all of the permanent bridge infrastructure on the project has followed.

Retaining Wall Adjacent to Valley Ridge Heights

Great progress has been made on both the Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) and stand-alone portion of the retaining wall adjacent to Valley Ridge Heights. 

Trans-Canada Highway / Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W. Basketweave Bridge

Last week, the concrete approach slabs for the bridge south of Valley Meadow Close and Valley Brook Circle N.W. were poured.

Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W. Roundabout

Retaining Wall for Loop Ramp onto Stoney Trail

A leveling pad for a retaining wall is a non-structural, non-reinforced concrete pad to provide a working platform for placing facing material. 

Another Day, Another Deck Pour

Bridge Barriers

Cast-in-place concrete barriers are rigid and designed to redirect vehicles. Concrete barriers can vary in shape and height, but most often the barriers on Alberta’s roads are ‘single slope’ because of its compatibility with other barrier systems and its ability to accommodate future pavement overlays without adjusting the barrier. 

Once the bridge deck concrete has cured, the formwork for the deck barriers is constructed and filled with concrete

Crestmont Boulevard S.W. Reduced to One Lane

Beginning on August 28, the existing lane closure on Crestmont Boulevard S.W. will be moved east (down the hill). Alternating traffic will continue to be controlled with traffic lights.

Crews will be removing a section of the retaining wall and a fence will be installed on the south side for public safety.

South project title banner

Upcoming Lane Closures and Tree Removals for Water Feedermain Construction

For several weeks, The City of Calgary has been relocating a potable water feedermain in preparation for interchange construction at Old Banff Coach Road S.W. This week, construction is expected to reach Old Banff Coach Road S.W. where crews will begin installing the new watermain alignment within the road right-of-way.

For more information, please click here.

Gravel Removal Area Tidied