Project Update – July 20, 2020

For up-to-date information on traffic detours and speed reductions, please visit 511 Alberta.

We appreciate your patience during construction.

Photo Map and Gallery

Check out the new photo map to see our progress! We’ve also added a photo gallery for the Bow River Bridge project.

Bow River Bridge title banner

Bridge Pier Construction

Bridge pier construction on the north and south sides of the river continues. On the south side, pictured below, work on the cofferdam is ongoing. Crews are also installing foundations for two additional tower cranes.

On the north side, work continues on the cast-in-place pier segments.

Final Touches on Collector-Distributor (CD) Road

Roadwork continues between Scenic Acres Link N.W. and Crowchild Trail. Over the last several weeks crews have been building the subgrade and gravel road base for the CD road. Paving is planned for this week, weather permitting, and then traffic will shift to the new CD road, marking a major milestone for this project.

North Project title banner

Stormwater Management 101

When development removes or covers the natural ground with non-permeable materials (like concrete), rainwater runs off the hard surfaces picking up pollutants like pesticides, oil and fertilizer while it makes its way to our natural water supply untreated. Fast-moving runoff can also erode soil and riverbanks.

Stormwater management systems are an important part of protecting the environment, preventing water pollution and reducing flooding. On this project, the stormwater management system is made up of a major drainage system and a minor drainage system. The minor system is the underground network of stormsewers, catch basins and manholes. The major system collects overland runoff using ditches, culverts and curb and gutter. 

The major system also includes wet ponds to store excess runoff. Wet ponds have forebays to trap sediment and pollutants as stormwater enters the pond.

Controlled Blasting

Since controlled blasting began in November 2019 there have been more than 130 blasts completed. Blasting will continue into the fall.

Reinforced Slopes

Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS) are compacted embankments that use geosynthetic material to stabilize slopes. RSS are an economical alternative to conventional grade separations (structures) because they use less material, reduce construction time and minimize right-of-way requirements. There are several reinforced slopes on the North Project.

South project title banner

Gravel Removal South of Old Banff Coach Road S.W.

Gravel removal south of Old Banff Coach Road S.W. is nearing completion.

Utility Work on Old Banff Coach Road S.W.

The City of Calgary continues work on relocating a potable watermain to make way for the new interchange at Old Banff Coach Road SW. This work will be ongoing until the fall.