Culvert Extensions Near Coach Creek

Some of the work west of Valley Ridge includes reconstructing about five kilometres of the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1) and a new stormwater management pond to handle runoff from the additional lanes on the upgraded highway and the major catchments southwest of the Valley Ridge Boulevard N.W. interchange.

Stripping topsoil earlier this summer

Crews will be extending culverts north of the highway to accommodate construction on the Trans-Canada as well as connect to the new stormpond. The initial culverts will be temporary (corrugated steel) and replaced with permanent infrastructure later this summer. Building the culvert extensions requires some work within the streambed of the Coach Creek tributary. Currently, runoff from this catchment discharges to Coach Creek uncontrolled and untreated. The new stormpond will improve water quality with the use of a forebay before it reaches the creek. All work being conducted is in accordance with AEP regulations and approvals.

The existing pond will not be impacted by this work and will remain operational, even after the new pond is constructed.