Construction to Start on New Stormwater Management Pond

A new stormwater management pond is being constructed immediately southwest of the existing stormwater pond, west of Valley Ridge. The new pond, referred to as Pond 6, will be two to three times the size of the existing pond and is needed to handle the stormwater runoff from additional lanes on the Trans-Canada Highway being built as part of the West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR). The existing pond is owned and operated by The City of Calgary to manage stormwater runoff from local roads.

The new pond is classified as a wet pond, the purpose of which is to capture and temporarily contain stormwater runoff. Wet ponds slow water down long enough for some of the sediments and pollutants to settle out, helping return cleaner water to our rivers and streams through the stormwater system.

Runoff to Pond 6 will be conveyed through vegetated ditches which are a practical tool to reduce runoff volumes and enhance water quality. Vegetated ditches allow stormwater to infiltrate into the subsoil, reduce velocities, provide some water retention during rain events and improve water quality by filtering some sediments. Water from Pond 6 will flow at a pre-determined controlled rate to Coach Creek. Currently runoff is discharged into Coach Creek untreated and uncontrolled; the installation of Pond 6 will result in an improvement to the stormwater management in the area.

What to Expect During Construction

The equipment required to excavate and construct Pond 6 will include bulldozers, backhoes, large rock trucks, graders, packers and water trucks. Crews will use a route along the Trans-Canada Highway, within the Transportation Utility Corridor right-of-way, to haul material away from the work site to be used on other portions of the project. Dust will be controlled with water trucks and/or graders on the haul road.

The contractor will endeavour to minimize impacts to adjacent residents; however, residents should expect increased dust and noise from construction activities and changes to the visual landscape as construction progresses. Your patience during construction is appreciated.

Will there be landscaping or a pathway around the stormwater pond?

The vegetation around this pond will support stormwater management. The purpose of the Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC) is to house the ring road, major power lines, pipelines, and linear municipal utilities such as phone and internet lines. It does not exist as parkland, greenspace or a designated wildlife area. The stormwater management pond will not include landscaping, beautification or a pathway.

Thank you for your patience during construction.