Project Update – May 4, 2020

In-River Bridge Pier Construction – South Side

Bridge Pier Construction – North Side

North Project

Installation of Bird Deterrent Tape near Valley Ridge

Valley Ridge residents near the WCRR construction area may notice crews installing bird deterrent tape on the construction fencing this week. Noise can affect some birds’ ability to communicate, making them emit louder and higher frequency sounds. Territorial birds also use sounds to defend their territory. As construction season and the migratory bird nesting season are both beginning, the contractor is taking a proactive approach to encourage birds to distance themselves and their nests from the active construction area.

The bird deterrent tape discourages birds from nesting using a combination of gentle sound from the tape blowing in the wind and flickering light from the shimmering surface to scare birds away without causing any harm.

In addition to the tape, residents with bird houses adjacent to the construction area can relocate them at least 10 metres back from the rear fence or temporarily seal the entrance to encourage the birds to nest elsewhere this year.

For more information, visit > North Project.

Basketweave Bridge Between Stoney Trail & Valley Ridge Blvd NW

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls

Mechanically stabilized earth or MSE walls are artificially reinforced walls of soil used to stabilize slopes such as bridge abutments. They usually consist of layers of backfill and soil reinforcements, as well as a concrete facing.

Southbound Stoney Trail Mainline Bridge

Preparation Work for Valley Ridge Blvd NW Detour Begins

The new Valley Ridge Blvd NW interchange will be just east of the existing road. To accommodate this construction, Valley Ridge Blvd NW will be shifted west in several stages over the summer. This week detour construction begins with removing the medians between the traffic circle and Valley Ridge Drive NW. This work will require left lane closures on northbound Valley Ridge Blvd NW. 

Please watch for further details on the detour construction and staging in future project updates.

Update on ENMAX Transmission Line Relocation Projects at Highway 8 and 101 Street

In 2018, Alberta Transportation advised ENMAX about two required transmission line relocations and in early 2019, as per the Alberta Utility Commission (AUC) requirements, ENMAX began its Participant Involvement Program for relocations along both Highway 8 and 101 Street SW. ENMAX submitted applications to the AUC in August 2019.

Both parties were working to complete the relocations in advance of construction starting on the south segment of the WCRR, scheduled for spring 2020. However, based on the comments received from residents and community groups about the Highway 8 relocation, the AUC decided a formal public hearing would be required as part of the approval process. Pending the AUC’s appeals process, relocations are anticipated to be complete in late 2020.

The AUC did not require a public hearing for the proposed relocation along 101 Street SW.

Utility Relocation Along Highway 8

As a result of feedback received from adjacent property owners, community associations and other stakeholders during the Participant Involvement Program, ENMAX identified a new and preferred transmission line route for Highway 8 (South Central) and removed the South route from consideration (please click here to view the alignment maps).

The public hearing took place in January 2020 and the AUC reached a decision on April 22, 2020, approving the recommended South Central route.

Utility Relocation Along 101 Street SW

In August 2019, ENMAX submitted the same proposed route for the 101 Street SW relocation to the AUC as was presented during the Participant Involvement Program in March 2019. In February 2020, the AUC approved the relocation of a portion of the existing line that currently parallels 101 Street SW to be moved further west, closer to the boundary of the Transportation Utility Corridor. The section of the existing line to be relocated is north of Lower Springbank Road and will connect with the existing line south of 14 Avenue SW.

For more information, please visit ENMAX’s project web page.