Installation of bird deterrent tape near nest boxes (bird houses) in Valley Ridge

EllisDon is responsible for protecting the birds and nests impacted by the construction of the West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR), as legislated by the federal Migratory Bird Convention Act and provincial Wildlife Act (among others). We take this responsibility seriously and have been working with our environmental scientists and biologists to develop a plan for the 2020 migratory bird nesting season.

The best and most proactive way to avoid having migratory birds disturbed by WCRR construction is to encourage them to distance themselves and their nests away from the active construction area. This means that it would be better for the birds to not make use of nest boxes (or bird houses) installed on private properties in Valley Ridge adjacent to the WCRR construction zone. Residents can relocate the nest boxes until construction is completed, either to a side fence or at least 10 metres back from the rear fence. Landowners can also temporarily seal the entrance to the nest boxes or remove the nest boxes to encourage the birds to nest elsewhere this year. Any relocations must be undertaken prior to the birds returning from the wintering grounds. 

Bird deterrent tape has been identified as a nonintrusive and cost-effective means of redirecting the birds to another nesting site. This tape acts as a form of bird control as it uses a combination of gentle sound generated by the tape blowing in the wind, and flickering light from the shimmering surface, to scare birds away without causing them any harm.

A recent sweep of the area revealed that no nests had been constructed to date, but with some migratory birds having already been recorded in Calgary, it is important to have the tape installed as soon as possible. You will likely see crews placing it on the construction fencing near all known nest boxes in the coming week.

Adherence to environmental and regulatory standards is a top priority for the West Calgary Ring Road project, and ongoing inspections of construction activities include regular assessments of the impact being had on all wildlife.

Thank you for your patience during construction.