Project Update – April 13, 2020

For up-to-date information on traffic detours and speed reductions, please visit 511 Alberta.

We appreciate your patience during construction.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

There are more than 120,000 motorcycles and mopeds registered in Alberta. This month, many riders will be out for the first ride of the year. Here are some tips for riders and drivers to help everyone arrive at their destinations safely.


  • The four second rule – Increase your driving distance behind a motorcycle to give yourself at least four seconds to react.
  • Shoulder check blind spots – It’s easy for a motorcyclist to slip into a blind spot; always shoulder check before changing lanes or turning.


  • Ride defensively – Stay alert and do not assume other drivers will see you. Slow down when approaching intersections and be ready to react to any situation.
  • Control your speed – Remember the faster you are going, the longer it will take to react and stop. Fast speeds can also make it more difficult for other drivers to see you coming.

The Government of Alberta’s Rider’s Guide is a great resource for operating two-wheeled vehicles.

What’s Happening

North Project

Controlled Blasting East of Crestmont

Starting in mid-April, a small area south of Crestmont Boulevard SW will be excavated using controlled blasting.

Blasting in this area will be intermittent and take approximately three months to complete (July 2020). Blasting is anticipated to take place in spurts, with crews moving in and out of the area periodically. For more information, please check > North Project > Controlled Blasting. All blasts will occur between 3 pm and 5 pm, Monday to Saturday, and will be monitored by seismograph equipment.

Please visit the web page for detailed information and frequently asked questions.

Trans-Canada Highway / Valley Ridge Blvd NW Interchange – Girders Installed

Last week, girders were installed on the second of 20 bridges on the North project. The pre-cast concrete girders are manufactured in Edmonton and arrive by special heavy transport trucks. There are eight girders, each measuring two metres high (approximately six and a half feet), 35 metres long (115 feet) and weighing 55 tonnes or 123,000 pounds!

Trans-Canada Highway / Stoney Trail Interchange

The Southwest Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) project has been under construction since 2016 and connects to the West Calgary Ring Road just east of Highway 8.

For more information, please visit, call 403-212-0565 or email

What to Expect This Construction Season

The SWCRR remains on track to open to traffic in October 2021. This year’s construction season will be very busy, with efforts focused between Sarcee Trail and Fish Creek Boulevard.

The construction season in Alberta is short and much of the work is reliant on good weather. Every effort will be made to maximize all good weather days to meet the established timelines.

Where practical, mitigation measures are in place to limit construction disruptions for those living nearby. However, the scale of this project will result in some impacts, including:

  • dust and noise from construction activities,
  • access changes for both pedestrians and vehicles, and
  • changes to the visual landscape as construction moves forward and infrastructure is completed.