Project Update – February 24, 2020

For up-to-date information on traffic detours and speed reductions as a result of construction activity, please visit 511 Alberta.

February is Distracted Driving Month

Failing to keep your eyes on the road could end up costing you nearly $300 and three demerits. Don’t be a distracted driver. Keep your money in your pocket by:

  • Planning your route in advance
  • Doing your personal grooming at home
  • Turning off your phone or placing it well out of reach
  • Keeping your hands-free conversations simple
  • Ensuring pets are properly secured
  • Not eating and driving
  • Resisting the urge to “rubberneck”

Bow River Pathway Reopened

The Bow River Pathway south of the river and west of Stoney Trail reopened last week. Construction on the new pathway is ongoing and anticipated to open in May of this year.

Ongoing and Upcoming Construction

This week construction continues on the two bridge piers on the north side of the river and retaining wall construction on the south side gets underway.

Haul Trucks Crossing

On occasion, construction vehicles will be crossing the ramp from eastbound Trans-Canada Highway to northbound Stoney Trail. Flag people will stop traffic when construction vehicles need to cross. Please obey the posted speed limits and watch for flag people.

This haul route crossing allows construction vehicles to access the Trans-Canada Highway / Stoney Trail interchange area quickly and efficiently. The haul route also limits construction vehicles on local roads and additional emissions from longer haul routes.

Controlled Blasting

The next public information session for controlled blasting will be on Wednesday, March 11, from 5 – 7 pm at WinSport’s Markin McPhail Centre(151 Canada Olympic Rd SW).

If you have questions about blasting or are concerned about damage to your home, please email The project team will respond in one business day.

Tree and Brush Clearing Underway

Tree and brush clearing started late last week and will be ongoing until the end of March 2020.

The comment summary from the January 29, 2020 information session is now available. More information about tree and brush clearing, including details about wildlife protection, storm water drainage and restoration plans is available here.