Bow River Pathway construction

Work will continue this fall at the far west end of Bowness Park, underneath the Stoney Trail NW bridge. A second bridge over the Bow River is being constructed for the West Calgary Ring Road. Construction on a new pathway alignment and staircase as part of this project began in September.

Please note the following changes to the pathway’s access (as shown in the diagram below):

  • Section (1) is the new pathway alignment that will permanently replace Section (2), which is required for construction of the second bridge.
  • Section (3) will be a new permanent staircase that will provide an alternate access while Section (4) is closed during the bridge construction (Fall 2019 to Summer 2022)
  • During the pathway realignment and other preparatory works, the entire pathway will be closed for a period of three weeks from late October/early November 2019
  • Once this work, including the pathway realignment and staircase, is complete in November 2019, the pathway will be open through Section (1) and Section (3). Section (4) will reopen when the second bridge is completed in 2022.

This work will require timber clearing, mulching, excavation and grading for the new pathway alignment and retaining wall required for the stairs. Detour signage will be posted in the area.