Utility work and tree removals east and west of Valley Ridge Boulevard NW

The Transportation / Utility Corridor (TUC) is land acquired over time for the eventual construction of the Calgary Ring Road, but is also intended to house major utilities to serve surrounding communities. Part of the WCRR project includes upgrading deep utilities to minimize costs and public disruptions.

The new infrastructure being constructed within the TUC, east and west of Valley Ridge Boulevard NW, includes a water feeder main alteration, a new storm water trunk, retaining walls, bridges, and significant interchange improvements. Due to the infrastructure requirements and limited available space in the TUC, many of the existing Poplar trees behind the residences along Valley Meadow Close and Valley Brook Circle NW will be impacted by excavations for new utilities. Some of the trees west of Valley Ridge Boulevard NW near Valley Ridge Heights NW will also be impacted by construction.

The WCRR is being delivered using a Design-Build model. As such, the designs are being developed concurrently with ongoing construction activities to meet project timelines. Alberta Transportation has been working with the Design-Build Contractor (EllisDon) to evaluate any additional tree removals with the intent of minimizing impacts to the larger trees. The tree removals are needed to provide space for safe excavations, installation of lines and to protect the safety of workers and the public from trees that may become compromised. Any trees that can be avoided will be left undisturbed.

Alberta Transportation and EllisDon are committed to minimizing the disturbance for adjacent residents. When work in the area is complete, new noise barriers will be installed where required and new trees will be planted to replace the trees removed by this work. The tree replacement will be a mixture of approximately 40% White Spruce, 40% Lodgepole Pine, and 20% Trembling Aspen with approximately 40% of the trees being 2.5m – 3m in height and the remainder 1m – 1.5m in height.

Utility work and associated tree removals are expected to begin the week of September 3. Prior to any tree removals, environmental sweeps will be conducted to ensure no active bird nests are affected.